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1 member found this review helpful This is an impressive film. And by impressive I mean that it is remarkable that the writer was able to fit in as many cliched old sayings into the first 15 minutes of the movie as she did. I can't recall a motion picture with more. It's as if someone handed Doreen Montgomery a book of idioms and dared her to write a screen play using all the entries. The pace of one-liners slows after the... (more)

1 member found this review helpful After enjoying "Pearl of the South Pacific" recently, I was up for another jungle adventure. When I saw Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Ryan in the cast, I was excited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, we didn't get their best efforts here. I'm used to seeing Ryan as the tough, take-charge man of action. Stanwyck is reliably charismatic on screen. Both seem lethargic with little to no... (more)

1 member found this review helpful "You know what's strange? Even when I hated you I loved you. You know what's even stranger? I'm going to kiss a missionary." Three ne'er-do-wells (involved in a love triangle) join forces to swindle native pacific islanders out of their sacred black pearls. Virginia Mayo, assuming the role of Christian missionary, is allowed ashore only because the priest's son wants to learn more about... (more)

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  • Hare Krishna

    Hare Krishna

    Reviewed by Don A.

    "Takin' It To The Streets" Krishna style. The camera work is very creative. It is almost hypnotic when combined with the repetitive music. It's fun watching hippies dancing, playing and singing in... (more)

  • Boxing Cats

    Boxing Cats

    Reviewed by Don A.

    30 seconds of pure adrenaline. The 19th century felines punched their way to glory, but the real hero was the manager (guy who holds the cats together). More than a century ahead of its time. My... (more)

  • Breakaway


    Reviewed by Don A.

    This is the second time that I have enjoyed Tom Conway (brother of George Sanders) and Michael Balfour (sidekick Barney) as they join up to solve a complicated mystery. "Barbados Quest" features... (more)

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  • Brian Eno: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Brian Eno: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Reviewed by nuntukamen

    15 of 16 members found this review helpful An absolutely profound look at Eno and the development of ambient music. This is the type of in-depth indie film I was hoping to locate, educational and entertaining, an historically accurate... (more)

  • Fear and Trembling

    Fear and Trembling

    Reviewed by emteezy1

    11 members found this review helpful From the onset I thought I would watch "the French version of Office Space," and I could not have been, both more incorrect, and more pleased that it wasn't. As a female having worked in... (more)

  • Sita Sings the Blues

    Sita Sings the Blues

    Reviewed by sam0000268441

    10 of 11 members found this review helpful For those who are familiar with the story of the Ramayana will find this intriguing and quite amusing. And if you aren't, then this will still be worth your while. Certainly the various styles of... (more)