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also known as Ieri, oggi, domani

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow1963

  • 4.2
Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the 1964 Academy Awards®, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW is a sparklingly original comedy that casts Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in three different stories throughout Italy. In Naples, they are poor but resourceful, selling black market cigarettes on the streets. In Milan, Loren is costumed in Christian Dior and debates her preference for a Rolls Royce or her husband. And in Rome, Mastroianni is an industry scion who helps Loren's prostitute set a wavering priest back onto the spiritual plane. This episode features Sophia's famous striptease, which was recreated 30 years later in Robert Altman's READY TO WEAR. Witty and unforgettable, this gem from master filmmaker Vittorio De Sica (TWO WOMEN, MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE) is picture-postcard beautiful and effortlessly hilarious.

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Vittorio Di Sica's Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow (1963), starring Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren is a very entertaining and artistic film. This is a three segment film, with each segment telling a story about a completely different romantically involved couple, and with very different circumstances in each story. The romantic couple in each story, each segment, is portrayed by Mastroianni and Loren.

The acting performances by Mastroianni and Loren in this film as a whole are outstanding. Each segment of this film, being such a different type story from the others, required them to veritably assume a different personality in each segment. Both Mastroianni and Loren did so very convincingly. This film, and its three divergent storylines, required a real chemistry between these two heavyweights of Italian cinema, which they apparently have. It is really amazing to watch these two fine actors in this film act in unison in each segment, acting as though the persona of the character in each individual segment was conceived and written just for them.

There is no deep "meaning" or esoteric symbolism in this film. It is just great storytelling at its best. "Just spinning a good yarn" times three. Yet, Di sico's excellent direction, and the excellent performances by both Mastroianni and Loren, brings some difficult to comprehend type of cohesion to these three divergent stories, as if each segment was just a part of a comprehensive whole story. I would suppose that this "comprehensive whole story" might just be called "the story of life". Each divergent story segment is a little "slice of life", somehow fitting into the larger "slice of life" that is the whole film.

This film has great artistic merit in that it convincingly portrays, and even celebrates in a way, the very "stuff of life", of everyday life, of your life and mine. This is an artistic film inasmuch it successfully portrays the relentless and indomitable spirit of life, of mundane and ordinary everyday life.

Going in blind is an Amazing trip into this film. This film explains nothing and simply tells its story, and the story being told is that of life. Life in the mundane and fantastic, this is a story of the slice of life. We do not get an explanation as to why life is as it is and we must simply live in it, just as you must live in this film to fully experience it and enjoy it.

A classic! Watch it!

loved it ! classic beauty..... could there ever be a second SOPHIA ??

Another classic movie, from the golden era of the Italian cinematography.