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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby1947

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  • 3.8
Nineteenth century England. When Nicholas Nickleby's father dies and leaves his family destitute, his uncle, the greedy moneylender, Ralph Nickleby, finds Nicholas a job teaching in a repulsive school in Yorkshire. Nicholas flees the school taking with him one of the persecuted boys, Smike, and they join a troop of actors. Nicholas then has to protect Smike, while trying to stop his Uncle Ralph taking advantage of his sister Kate, and later his sweetheart, Madeline Bray, whose father is in debtors prison.

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Member Reviews (1)

This is a wonderful classic film (based on a novel by Charles Dickens) that I had never seen before. The story is powerful and the acting is solid. The costuming and period-piece setting is very realistic. Like many of Dickens' stories, it features the rich preying on the less fortunate. Not unlike "A Christmas Carol" all is set right in the end, but with a completely different result for the protagonist. There are some surprising plot twists along the way so pay close attention to the character names.